Why work at Creative Wind ?

Endless challenges and rewards. Opportunities to deliver highly valued solutions that accelerate results. A team of colleagues fuelled by collaboration. Plus, a company deeply committed to integrity and responsibility.

When you join this fast-growing business at Creative Wind, you’ll help enterprises thrive with simple yet powerful software. Feel the satisfaction of unlocking the power of IT for one million+ customers and counting.

At Creative Wind , we understand that work-life balance is the key to our associate’s success and happiness. To help you on your career path, we promise to help you develop your skills. To do this, you will create a career plan and identify areas of interest and growth. And, we will provide the resources and training to get you there.

Benefits. Rewards. Balance. Have it all at Creative Wind.
Our people are the most critical components of our long-term success. So it’s no surprise why we’ve created an extensive benefits package for all our team members. We strive to provide the best choices and value at the best cost. Our packages are competitive in the market and relevant to the various countries in which we operate.

We reward your achievements.
Our people achieve success by meeting — and often exceeding — clearly defined and measurable objectives. When it comes to compensation, Creative Wind is committed to staying competitive in the market. We’re constantly reviewing the latest trends in labor costs to create desirable salary ranges.

Several departments have bonus and sales incentive programs to reward performance on a company, business or an individual level for the fiscal year. And long-term incentive programs exist to reward individuals based on their career level and performance.

Set a goal. We’ll help you achieve it.
We also commit to creating a professional environment where everyone can grow and thrive. We enhance formal training with individualized development programs that include regular 360-degree feedback, mentoring, networking, stretch assignments and growth opportunities — 45 percent of all positions are filled internally. We’re proud of our mobile-driven culture, and we’re dedicated to working together as a strong team to encourage each other to reach higher every day.

With a global workforce, Creative Wind is committed to diversity and inclusivity. We believe that, by bringing diverse team members together, we can foster innovation, encourage creativity, support personal and professional growth, and deliver the best possible results for our team and our customers.

Not only does Creative Wind work around the world, but we consider ourselves members of the global community and we believe in giving back.

We are looking for people who are creative and crazy about technology.
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