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We provide Result Driven Social Media Marketing solutions that are creatively executed through various social media channels and owned channels (Micro site). Video
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Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn… so on and so forth. There would hardly be any individual or enterprise that would miss checking on these social media accounts almost daily. Social media gives you a perfect platform to reach out to your target audience most effectively and popularize your brand and products. It works well for both B2B and B2C business model irrespective of the nature and scale of the business. What matters the most is to understand the nature of business and its requirement and then map it correctly to relevant audience so that one may stand apart from the existing clutter on social media.

Creative Wind has a knack for optimizing the attention of target audience through its collective experience and a phased approach. The journey starts with understanding the client’s business and gauging and analyzing the quality of its social presence vis-a-vis competition. Moving on to the next step, Creative Wind plans a comprehensive strategy specific to every client through which they shall be able to attain their short and long term business goals. Once strategy gets approved, the next step is to seamlessly implement the same to achieve desired results post which an extensive research and review is conducted to measure the success and performance of the campaign and make necessary changes periodically.

Our objective remains to engage the target audience all through the purchase cycle and influence them to make a decision in favor of your brand which in turn results in purchase of your product and services. Our personalized content management and meaningful messages on social media puts a human face to the organization. Through our powerful strategies and unique execution methodology clients can enhance their online visibility, expect increased traffic on website and gain directly through increase in sale volumes.

Bulk SMS Services

For attaining the best business growth, it is required that a company should stay connected to customers. However, certain strategies are required for doing the same. Deploying bulk SMS services is the wise decision for gaining edge over competitors.

Issues That Affect Marketers
Many businesses have realized that consumers spend most of the time across online platforms like desktops and mobile phones. So, there is need to utilize the power of these mediums for attaining business growth.

In the hope of driving huge traffic towards the site, many companies spend money on SMS marketing. However, the deficit knowledge leads to underperformed outcomes. Marketers should cautiously choose messages that they like to decipher to consumers. This task requires substantial time, which website owners cannot bear due to preoccupied tasks.

What Should Be Done?

When marketers fail to generate the desired revenue through online marketing campaigns, they should outsource the task to a SMS marketing service. This kind of company first analyzes your brand objective, accordingly composes messages, and decides frequency and the design of the contents for running a successful campaign to get the best ROI.

Why Creative Wind ?

Bulk SMS marketing is considered as specific tool with which Creative Wind empowers its clients. It is a powerful tool at your disposal in this high tech age.With our enhanced bulk SMS and email marketing services, we deliver you the cutting- edge web assistance. Till date we have helped clients of various sizes and capabilities to fulfill their marketing objectives successfully. We deploy specialized methods to ensure the required ROI for you. Our solutions are cost effective and they produce results, which you can measure with great ease.

Services at Glance for email and sms marketing

  • Management of email IDs
  • Database update
  • Report generation
  • Adding numerous sender names
  • Software facilities
  • Newsletter services
  • Attachment facilities
  • Regular viewer status reports
  • Unsubscribing service facility
  • Creative Wind Additional services
  • Email and SMS marketing strategies
  • Scheduling email and SMS delivery
  • Market survey
  • Email validation services

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Software Tools Used By Us
For getting accurate and timely results, we deploy reliable software tools like Campaign Monitor, Send Social Media, MPZMail, etc.

Advantages of Hiring Us
Get regular reports on viewer status Economic pricing plans All time customer care support Unlimited free sender name Spam free emails Report of viewers to track new ones Managing group lists and email IDS

Bulk SMS sending software Viewer report to track the status of the email.

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What are you thinking? Call us today and enhance your brand presence by using our bulk sms services.

Web Development

In the world manifested by the internet, it is imperative for any business enterprise to have a dominant web existence to move steadfast on the ladder of success. Creative Wind presents an assorted range of competitive web development services that shall contribute substantially to such entities by enhancing their online presence and adding on immensely to their profit margins.

Our web development services have befitted the most challenging industries through strong business strategies and a practical approach specific to every business domain. Our technical knowledge coupled with extensive experience in this sphere helps us deliver cutting edge web development solutions to our clients earning us their appreciation and loyalty.

We render services including web application development, customized web development, internet business solutions, enterprise portal development and CMS web development. Through these tools, we help clients create prominent online branding strategies and increase their popularity amongst target audience. As we all know that open and easy communication is the key to a successful venture, Creative Wind creates websites that promote interactive and efficient communication between businesses and clients boosting up the sales figures.

At Creative Wind, we follow three simple rules to ensure best results for our clients

  • Simplicity – We follow simplicity in our designs and processes to do away with unnecessary and confusing complexities.
  • Quality – Quality comes at the apex of everything we undertake and we refuse to compromise on this aspect.
  • Competitiveness – We are competitively priced, use latest and competitive technology and are competitive in our processes and methodologies and thus deliver best to our clients.


With Video content being a key communication tool we Ideate and Produce video pieces to suit your brand and campaign need. Corporate Videos | Marketing Videos | Explanatory Videos | Education Videos | Mobile App Videos | 2D Animation Videos | Healthcare Videos

Google Ad words & PPC

Pay per click campaign as name suggests is a paid online advertising tool in which a certain amount is paid to the publisher for every click on your advertisement. This is the most effective way to direct relevant and personalized traffic to your product or website. With this tool, an entrepreneur can make use of the existing demand for your product and personalize the search by a particular area, days or specific keywords.

Creative Wind through its expertise in the subject matter ensures that the cost borne by the enterprise for every ad click is absolutely worth paying. It maximizes relevant traffic to your page and minimizes cold lead that in turn directly enhances your profit margins.

We follow a multi-layered approach so that the clients benefit the most by hiring us for their PPC campaigns

  • Creative Wind Upgrade – As a group, we constantly update our team with latest development on technological front to enable them provide optimized solutions to our clients.
  • Understand – In this phase we get an in-depth insight into client’s business, his business objectives, conduct competitive analysis, define target audience, gauge area under influence and discover relevant content and keywords
  • Strategize – Keeping all factors in mind such as client’s budget, targeting methodology and landing page recommendations, we create a perfect strategy on which the campaign shall run.
  • Set-up campaign and create landing page – Optimally design landing page with minimal page load time and set up the campaign as per finalized strategy. The campaign is also optimized periodically as per changes in trends.
  • Analyze – Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the campaign executed and measure the results achieved vis-à-vis that envisioned.


We provide what’s app marketing as a service. As Bulk What’s app SMS, Images, Videos, Audio Service Provider we ensure you are connected with your customers where ever they are with just a click of send button!

To maintain ourselves as best bulk what’s app text, images, videos, audio, marketing service Provider Company and to ensure maximum successful messages delivery within minimum time frame. We have redundant network of servers to ensure instant up to 100% delivery of What’s app Messages.

We are an innovative bulk WhatsApp provider company in Mumbai focusing on providing a cost-efficient business solution. And we provide Bulk WhatsApp Text, Images, Audio, Videos Marketing services at lowest rates.

As a Bulk Whatsapp Text, Images, Audio, Video service provider we have been delivering innovative mobile messaging services across India. Our Bulk Whatsapp Package is loaded with all the features that our currently available in the industry.

Being a lowest cost Bulk Whatsapp SMS, Audio, Images, Videos- service provider we offer Bulk Whatsapp Text, Images, Audio, Videos- MARKETING SERVICE at unbeatable low costs.

Corporate Video
Ad Films
3D Animations

We live in a powerful world where people demand instant gratification. Wherein a well narrated story and imagination can build your impression. We live in a powerful world where people demand instant gratification. Wherein a well narrated story and imagination can build your impression.

Toll free & Virtual Number
(Integrated Voice Response)

Get toll free number with a smart Call Management System to help small companies generate more business and project a bigger and professional image. Route your Toll Free Number instantly to any number. Now you can answer the call on your cell phone, home phone or from a phone in another country.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Products & Services

School Bus Tracking System : Security of School Children is a matter of concern for the School Management and Parents. Our GPS fleet tracking systems provides the ability to optimize routing and incorporate real time operational needs while the fleet is on the move. The anytime-anywhere, internet enabled fleet tracking & management solution by us offers all this and much more.

Ambulance Tracking System: Our GPS provides the power of being able to track the Ambulance Fleet from the central location. This will help the hospital to send the Ambulance to the next place of need without first it's coming back to the Hospital and moving to the next destination. This will help not only improving the productivity but will also result in giving more satisfaction to the patients by reaching the spot in shortest possible time. By setting Geo-sensing Hospital can get advance signal for getting ready for the patient handling.

Cabs Tracking System: Cabs are a major part of the transportation systems in major cities. Anyone who would question this should be stuck in a bustling downtown metro during a cab strike. Today, a fleet that size probably owes its flow and easy operation to GPS tracking systems. Most major taxi cab companies are now furnished with vehicle tracking systems. That is because without them, too much is left to chance. Drivers and consumers are wandering about rather aimlessly hoping to hook up at the right place and the right time. Our GPS Tracking System determines a vehicle's location every 10 seconds in real time. The GPS Tracking Key is passive vehicle tracking devices and they cord location second by second.

Student & Kids Tracking System: As a responsible parent we know that it is almost impossible to keep watch on your children 24 hours a day. But now we believe its ease the minds of working mothers and fathers everywhere to track their kids by Personal Tracking System.

Private Travels Tracking System: Private Tour Operators need lots of co-ordination with Hotels, Motels, and Tourist Spots etc. The solution being offered by us provides the power of being able to track the dispersed tourist vehicle fleet while sitting in the comfort of the office. It provides the added flexibility of knowing where the vehicles have been and where they are heading to. Our GPS tracking system provides the ability to optimize routing and incorporate real time operational needs while the fleet is on the move.

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